Old Film

I still love film. There is just something about it. I love getting out my old slides, putting them on a light box and looking at them through a loupe. There is such depth and richness of colors. Of course, one of my favorite films was Fuji Velvia—such rich blues and greens. I really felt there were some worthwhile images in this old film library of mine. I had shot a lot of slide film in the early 1990’s with my trusty Nikon F601. Such a great camera. It never let me down. I still have it, sitting in a box of old camera gear. It is not something I could throw away, and it has very little value on the ebay market. So, the best thing to do is to keep it—just like my old slides.

Before Christmas I decided to get some of the old slides scanned. I had heard about a company in the states called Scan Cafe that was getting some good reviews and so I though I would give them a try. Their on-line setup is pretty slick. You put your order in on their website and when you are done they provide you with pdf files for a UPS packing slip and commercial invoice (for customs). Print these out, box up your package, take it to the local UPS outlet, and you are off to the races. I could track my parcel via the UPS way-bill number, and when the package reached Scan Cafe it can also be tracked through their system. It is a series of graphical work flow icons that change color as your precious transparencies progress though their system. When the scanning is complete you can then review the finished product on-line, reject the ones you don’t want, and then approve them for shipping. After I went through this process, the files were burned to DVD and sent back to me via UPS. No fuss, no muss.

I am still evaluating what I think of the quality, and I’ll comment on that in another post. In the meantime, I just want to chat about some of these old images!
Silhouette at Sunset has long been one of my favorite shots. Can you believe those colors!! That’s the way they are on the slide, honest! It was taken at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia about 17 years ago. The two people are some friends we were visiting. If it was just them it would be an OK image, but the seagull is really what makes the whole thing work.
Silhouette at Sunset
Marmalota from the Trail is another favorite. The image itself is not that great really, but that huge granite spire always amazes me. This shot was captured on the hiking trail in Bugaboo Provincial Park—one of my favorite places on the planet. Marmalota Spire is that big toothy chunk of granite protruding 1000 odd feet above Bugaboo Glacier. Some friends took me to this place the first year I was in Canada and I was instantly in love. This image was made on a later trip.
Marmalota Spire in the Bugaboos
The last image I am going to waffle about is Flying into a storm. This was one of those freak shots where you saw the opportunity and just grabbed it. I had gone up to the Mt. 7 glider launch near Golden, BC (where I was living at the time) with some friends to see what was happening up there. I had borrowed a Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 which was attached to my F601. I was ready to take some shots, but nobody was really launching. It was quite windy and a storm was blowing in. Then, we noticed a commotion and some guy had decided to launch. His vehicle was at the landing zone at the base of the mountain and I suppose he figured the best way to get back to his truck was to fly down—so he did. As soon as he took off, I ran to the launch ramp and fired off a handful of shots. I love the light on the wing contrasted by the storm in the background. The 200mm lens does a great job of compressing the scene.
Flying into a storm
So, what do you think? Do slides transfer well to the digital world?