Northern Gateway and Participatory Mapping

The mapping phase of the Place and Pipelines project is ready to be released! I have been working with Jon Corbett at UBC and GeoLive to create an interactive map that includes photographs from my journey along the proposed Northern Gateway route, quotes from the hearings, and resources that document the location of the hearings with links back to the transcripts. That’s my part. The next step is up to you!

GEOLive logo

GEOLive is a tool that enables participatory mapping, which means that people who have something to contribute to the map can easily add a marker with some content to a relevant location. This allows the content of the map to grow based on input from people other than me, which enables a broader and deeper narrative. It is as simple as dragging a marker onto the map and then adding comments, photographs, or links to the marker. For instructions on how to create an account and start adding content to the map, check out the instructions on the Contribute! page.

It is my hope that this site will become a resource for everyone who is interested in the issues surrounding the Northern Gateway Project, and will create a record of the events that transpire over the coming year. So, please check out the map and add your voice to the story.