Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearing in Kelowna

Photo of Andrew Speaking

Andrew Barton speaking at the Joint Review Panel hearing for the Northern Gateway Pipeline in Kelowna, BC.


Today was a big day. I presented for 10 minutes before the Joint Review Panel (JRP) who are responsible for the environmental assessment of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. It was a really great and interesting experience. As always, the panel was very respectful of everyone involved, and you actually felt that they were genuinely interested in what you had to say. I will be very interested to read the final report that is due by December 31st, 2013. Will they approve the project or drop it? Personally, after reading so many pages of testimony that opposes the project, I cannot see how they could approve this project. The big question is what will the federal government do if the JRP rejects the project. Will they approve it anyway? We will have to wait and see.

The transcript from today’s proceedings will be posted on-line shortly by the National Energy Board. When it is available, I’ll post a link. A big thanks to everyone that came out today to let your voices be heard. And I would especially like to thank a few friends who have supported me through this. Thanks. I have also posted some images from today on a public facebook page. Take a look and check out the fun!

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  1. The province of British Columbia is also slated to address the panel, most likely today, after announcing late last month it believes the project cannot go ahead as proposed.