JRP Hearing Transcripts

Photo of protesters

First Nations drumming at the Northern Gateway protest

The folks at the National Energy Board sure are fast! The transcript from the January 28th Joint Review Panel hearings were posted by the time I checked first thing the following morning. The PDF of the days testimony can be found in the document archives. The testimony I gave starts at paragraph 29768, but I encourage you to read as much of the document as you can. It is really interesting to read the many different angles from which people come at this issue.

Much of what I spoke about was not on ecosystem issues, but rather on the potential of the destruction of place. There have been so many great statements from qualified biologists and First Nation peoples about ecological impacts, and I did not think I could add to the dialog in a meaningful way. So, my testimony focused on the meaning that we get from the places we inhabit and visit, and know exist. This all starts getting a bit existential  but–as you likely already know–there are many intangibles in our world that have a lot to do with what makes life worth living. That is what I was trying to focus on in my presentation.

If you have the time, please read the text and let be know your thoughts.