A new look

I thought I would change the layout of the blog to hopefully make it a bit more readable. I had noticed, with the use of various heading levels I was adding in, it was getting a bit hard to understand.  Hopefully, this will improve things a bit. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

At the moment I am busy studying for a couple of exams coming up at the end of the week and still looking for work. Anyone got any hot leads for an old Information Technology guy turned enviro-activist?? 😉

So, this will be a short post today with two links.  The first is in the category of Good Stuff that people are doing, reflecting the undercurrents of change in the world. I am referring to the new Movement for Happiness. So what is it about? From the website:

Increasingly people ask, “What is progress?” For fifty years we have aimed at higher incomes – and got them. Yet over the same period there has been no increase in happiness (in Britain or the U.S.), as measured by surveys. And there has been a shocking rise in the number of unhappy and disturbed children. Clearly we have got our priorities wrong and our society needs a radical change of tack

Hmm, could be interesting. It is all very new and they a planning a big launch in September. I’ll keep an eye on it.

The second link is a great video called “Bet against the American Dream“. It is a musical rundown of the whole Goldman Sachs Credit Default Swap debacle, presented in the vein of Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”. Check it out! I love this vid!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/10815824]


  1. Looks good Andrew! Nice new look. You are a thoughtful writer, a conscientious person and just an all-round cool guy! (Since you’re cleaning things up anyway, maybe you could make spelling more of a “strength” than it apparently is now!)

  2. This is far easier on the eyes than your previous lay-out! Will check out the ‘Movement for Happiness’ and come back to you. Hope you find work soon……… : ))

  3. Thanks folks! I like it too. And I’ll work on my spelling 😉

  4. This layout is much cleaner and easier to follow for me. Good content baby, thought provoking and informative.