A Great Day for Photos at the Century Ride

Photo - Crusing the last hill

As always, it was a great day for the 14th annual Century Ride, and my 5th year taking photos of the cyclists. After a week of almost solid rain, the bike Gods came through and gave us a beautiful day that was dry enough to make us all happy, cool enough to make the cyclists happy, and cloudy enough to diffuse some of the shadows and make the photographers happy.  Every year I am amazed by the great humor of all the cyclists, even when I am taking their pictures at the top of a lung-busting hill. Thanks everyone, it is a pleasure to take your photographs!

I shot a total of 1775 frames today and am already working on importing, backing-up, developing, and selecting the images that will go onto the website for your viewing pleasure. Last year I posted around 1258 images, and I expect this year to have a similar number. Maybe a few more. Unfortunately, not every shot is a keeper. When riders are tightly grouped together, it can be a bit of a challenge for both me and the camera to get it right. Auto-focus does not always pick the front rider to lock onto. So, if your smiling face is not posted on the website, I’m sorry I missed you. Or, maybe you were just working hard and had your head down!

Thanks again for a great day, and I hope to have the images posted soon!

Photo - Gathering at the start

Photo - The first big hill