“Oh no, not another photography blog!!”

That was pretty much my reaction when I first thought of doing a blog to accompany my photographic website. But as I continued to develop my photography, from all aspects of the discipline, I felt I did have something to say. And so, say it I will! That’s what blogs are for, right? Whether anybody cares or not!

If you are anything like me, you will have the same thoughts running around your brain that get re-hashed over and over again. Just thinking about them does not seem to help move things onto the next stage. Writing, however, has the affect of pulling those over cooked thoughts out of the way so the new shoots can come through. So, expect to see anything from rare to well-done in the maturity of ideas, but hopefully from a large gamut of topics that will be of interest.

So why Life & Landscape? Landscapes seem to be what a lot of photographers do. I know it is often my subject of choice. The first joy of landscape photography is just being there. For me, I just like to stand there and take in a magnificent vista. Sometimes, it can be a deeply emotional experience. Then, I start to think about what makes the scene special. How would I convey this? What aspect can I focus on that would evoke the right feeling? Then, there is the whole thought process around how the camera will see the landscape. How will this lens see this scene? How will the camera record the light? How can I use these things to make a powerful image? No wonder photographers love landscapes. But what is a landscape?

In the realm of Human Geography, one textbook definition of landscape is: “the characteristics of a particular area, especially as created through human activity”. Geography in general studies the relationship of humans and the physical things around them. In this field there are many different schools of thought. Some see humans as being part of nature; others see us as being apart. Some see human culture being determined by our physical surroundings, while others insist our choices are not influenced by physical attributes and are solely self-deterministic. And so our society is formed!

In my photography I am trying to convey this relationship. I will often make an image of a beautiful vista that shows, in one way, how it affects us. But, I also wish to relate the effect we have on the landscape; how we live in the landscape, and how our lives are tied to the landscape in more ways than most of us understand – of Life & Landscape.