Reflections on Display

Today I packed up my photo display at the Bean Scene coffee house. The positive feedback I have received from everyone has been truly amazing. Thanks! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we ran a competition for a free matted 12×18 of your favorite picture. Well, we have drawn the ticket and the lucky winner has been called. 109 entries in all! I must say I am a little blown away by it all. Some of the entries had some very kind and encouraging words on them. Thanks again.

I really did have an alteria motive to all this. I wanted to know what people liked. It’s my little bit of market research, and really, the results were a little surprising (for me anyway). You see, pictures that I have become quite attached to didn’t even make it into the top three!! I think that is the lesson learned here. I think what happens is that as a photographer you become emotionally attached to an image. You were there and you knew what was happening. Maybe you used a new technique and it was the first successful shot. Maybe the physical location moved you in a very real way and you can’t help but remember that when you look at the print. Other people who view the prints don’t know any of that. They can only feel what is conveyed directly by the print in front of them. While this may seem obvious to some, it is certainly a great lesson for me!

So, over the next few posts I am going to reveal the top three or four images as voted by the viewing public. I will give a bit of a description about how the image came about, some techie details, and why I think it works. To start it off with I am not going to begin with one of the top voted pictures, but one of the lowest – one of the surprises.