“Place and Pipelines” eBook on the Northern Gateway Pipeline released

Place and Pipelines Cover Page

Cover page from Place and Pipelines eBook

I am very excited to announce the publication of my first eBook. This has been an amazing learning experience, and I am very proud of the final product. The book consists of over 70 pages of photographs, quotes from the JRP hearings, and my own narrative and analysis.

When I first heard about the Northern Gateway project–which is a proposal to build an oil pipeline from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia–I wanted to see the places that would be impacted by the pipeline and hear what the locals had to say. I also wondered how telling that story would influence people in other parts of Canada. The main premise for the book is the idea of ‘sense of place’ and how it is expressed by local people who gave statements at the Environmental Assessment Joint Review Panel hearings.

The book discusses some of the issues around the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project in a number of different ways. The first section provides a background to the pipeline project, the Canadian Environment Assessment process, and an overview of the political backdrop surrounding the project.

The second section is a travelogue based on my own three week journey from the eastern end of the proposed route, near Edmonton, Alberta, to the Islands of Haida Gwaii off the west coast of British Columbia. During this trip, I made photographs,  experienced the landscape, and meet people who live along the proposed route. Alongside my own narrative, I insert quotes from people who spoke before the Joint Review Panel hearings for the pipeline project which brings some context to my own journey.

In the last section, I discuss what I learned from this work, and present some ideas that are framed in First Nations’ history and other research concerning the nature of our relationship to the places that we call home, and how this might play into the Environmental Assessment process for large, industrial projects.

I completed this work while I was a student at UBC Okanagan, and was supported, in part, but an Undergraduate Research Award and the Environmental Impact Assessment Effectiveness project. My deep gratitude and thanks to all who helped me along the way.